Egyptian Kings - Theodosius


379 - 395 AD

In 392 AD, Theodosius banned all pagan (non-Christian) practices in the Roman Empire. With this edict, he effectively silenced Egyptian civiliaztion. For this, he became known to Christians as "The Great". However, he was a shortsighted ruler who weakened the empire by creating many new government jobs and by raising taxes. His will divided the empire between his sons Honorius and Arcadius, splitting it permanently into eastern and western empires. In 379 AD, Theodosius became co-emperor of the Roman empire. In 382 AD, a treaty between Theodosius and the Visigoths made the Visigoths the first independent barbarian nation within the Roman Empire. Theodosius became senior co-emperor in 383 AD. Theodosius became emperor in 394 AD, and he crushed the pagans and ruled the entire empire until he died in 395 AD. At the time of his death, Christianity was definitely the state religion.