Tour Egypt: Modern Egyptian Art - Revolutionary Years

The Revolutionary Years

Hamed Oweis - The Soldier
Oil on canvas, mid 1960s

Gazbia Sirry - Om Ratiba
Oil on canvas, 1952

Indji Aflatoon - A Mother
Oil on canvas, early 1950s

Indji Aflatoon - Battlefield
Oil on canvas, early 1970s

Taheya Halim - This Land is Ours
Oil on Canvas, 1965

Taheya Halim - Solomon and the Hoopoe
Oil on canvas, 1958

Hamed Oweis - Factory Workers
Oil on canvas, 1953

Hamed Oweis - Fellah
Oil on canvas, early 1960s

Gazbia Sirry - Girl with Puppet
Oil on canvas, 1952

Gazbia Sirry - The Swings
Oil on canvas, 1956

Gazbia Sirry - By the Sea
Oil on canvas, 1985

Zeinab Abd al-Hamid - Cloth Market
Mid 1980s

Youssef Sida - Boat
Oil on canvas, 1949

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