Egypt Travel Data from Tour Egypt

Egyptian tour guides are highly trained to provide visitors with the information they will need to have a grand time while in Egypt, and the Egyptian travel agencies know the best ways to get around the country and have a special insight with respect to accommodations.

Maps of Egypt From Tour Egypt

A large selection of maps from our site. Accommodation, Entertainment and other Tourist Facilities

Airlines Serving Egypt

We provide contact and other information on all airlines flying into and out of Egypt, as well as information on domestic only carriers.

Train and Bus Schedules in Egypt
Train and Bus Schedules and Pricing in Egypt

Rental Cars
Car Rental Agencies in Egypt

Ferries in Egypt servicing Sudan, Nuweiba, Aqaba, Hurghada and Sharm.

Embassies in Egypt
To better serve you, we have provided a complete listing of the embassies in Egypt.

Egyptian Tourism Authority Offices
For your convenience, the ETA has offices not only in the major Egyptian cities, but also has offices in many other parts of the world. For example, there are several offices located in the US.

Egyptian Consulates Worldwide
Egyptian Consulates are where you need to look for obtaining Visas for travel to Egypt.

Banks of Egypt
As a practical matter, information on the banks located in different areas of Egypt is essential for money exchange and ATM or credit card withdrawals.

Last Updated: June 13th, 2011