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Egypt Red Sea Shipwrecks

Egypt Red Sea Shipwrecks



The Red Sea is known for its fierce storms and chains of reefs and submerged islands. These can be a navigational nightmare for pilots who aren't paying attention or for those caught in one of the storms. The proof of this is scattered at the bottom. Many ships have gone down and we have listed below a vast list and as much information about each as possible.


Major Shipwrecks of the Egyptian Red Sea:


The Agia Varvara

The Aida

The Carnatic

SS Dacca

The Chrisoula K

The Dunraven

The Giannis D

The Kimon M (confused with the Olden)

The Kingston (Sara H)

The Maidan

The Million Hope

The Numidia

The Rosalie Moller

The Salem Express

The Thistlegorm

The Ulysses

The Zingara


Miscellaneous Vessels and other Names in Egyptian Waters


Major Shipwrecks of the Red Sea - Not Found in Egyptian Waters:







The Blue Belt


The Cedar Pride


Nazario Sauro


The Umbria






Miscellaneous Vessels Outside Egyptian Waters


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