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About Tour Egypt and InterCity Oz, Inc.

Tour Egypt has been developed by InterCity Oz, Inc. and AKN Solutions Inc. Tour Egypt has become the most widely viewed Egyptian Internet resource, receiving over 100,000 visitors and winning five Internet awards during its first two months on line. That is not all together surprising when one considers that a team of researchers and designers worked almost eight months on the initial site of 2,500 pages, and they have added another 1,000 pages of interesting content since going on-line at the end of December, 1996.

While Tour Egypt is a travel site, we have placed content on-line covering many different topics and appealing to many different audiences. We have done so because we not only wish to assist the immediate Egyptian Tourist, but to promote new and fresh enthusiasm for travel to Egypt.

We feel that one way to increase tourism to Egypt is by informing and educating the public. Many people are really uninformed about the splendor of Egypt. Surprisingly, there are those who think that Egypt is pyramids and sphinx, and nothing more. We wish to show these people just how dynamic Egypt really is, and how a visit can be exciting in a diversity of fun and entertaining ways. But we also wish to further cultural understanding, because we feel that to know the Egyptian people is to love them.

We also hope to foster an understanding and respect for the modern religious beliefs and customs of the Egyptian people. We hope that our readers who visit Egypt will go there with enough knowledge and respect of Egypt's religious heritage to be welcome in the eyes of all.

In an upcoming section, we will discuss the preservation of monuments. Again, we want to create a feeling of respect by all tourists for the grand heritage that Egyptian monuments represent, and for the need to use care in preserving these monuments for our children's children. Finally, we hope to foster long term good will towards Egypt, by providing education and fun activities for the younger crowd. While they are not tourists today, someday they will be, and Tour Egypt is interested in the long term promotion of Egyptian Tourism, as well as the immediate needs of those currently planning a vacation. (And of course, most Internet activities among children also involve their parents.)

About InterCity Oz, Inc.

Long before Tour Egypt, InterCity Oz, Inc. was established as a US/Egyptian partnership. Mohamed Ibrahim was one of the founders of InterCity Oz, and is one of this author's best friends. He was also one of the first Egyptians on the Internet, because InterCity Oz started doing full time business on the net before even Netscape became a company.

Most of our current staff began coding html 1.0 for Mosaic, making us one of the most experienced design and Internet marketing teams in the world. Today, our offices are staffed by full time Internet professionals. With 21 Internet design awards, our staff has designed hundreds of custom web sites. Today, besides operating under the Ministry of Tourism, Egypt, we are also the official site of the Chambers of Commerce of Bay County Florida, Panama City/Beaches and Lubbock Texas. We are also the official site of the Panama City/Beaches Tourism Committee, the Panama City Downtown Improvement Board, and the the South Plains Association of Governments. We also provide web services for many large corporate web sites, and hundreds of smaller private and public organizations.

We will always endeavor to serve our customers in an honest and straight forward manner. InterCity Oz, Inc. is financed and supported by a large Midwestern US heavy equipment manufacturer, and for this reason we think in terms of long term relations. In a sense, InterCity Oz, Inc. is not a recent startup company like many other web providers. We look at business through the eyes of a 25 year old industrial company that has earned its reputation through customer satisfaction. We are stable financially, so we have worked to create good will among our clients by spending the time and effort to instill quality in all of our projects, small or large. We hope that you will provide us with the opportunity to serve you as well.

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