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You'll love it. As you may, or may not know, Tour Egypt has become the most visited and best known Egyptian related site on the Internet. Over 25,000 visitors each day will bring Egypt to over 9.1 million interested visitors this year at current traffic levels. But our number of daily visitors is increasing all the time, so we expect to influence even more potential travelers.

When the Internet was a little new to the world, and there were many fewer web sites, experts knew that it was crucial to have their sites linked well, and savvy amateurs followed along. Today, many new users still believe linking to be the most important aspect of marketing their web site. But unfortunately, linking these days, when the internet has millions of web sites, is little more than a necessary evil. We still advise people to link their sites, and link them aggressively. It is needed if your site expects to get any visitors at all. Yet chances are, no matter how hard you link your site, more will be needed in order to attain any real volume of traffic.

Banner advertising and listing enhancements are one way to do this. We know, because we purchase huge blocks of banner advertising ourselves (along with many other marketing tools we have learned about in our many years as web service providers).

Think of it this way, if you send out a direct mailer, or send someone a brochure, that costs money, and usually more money than most people realize. For example, there is the cost of printing the sales material, postage, and the time that it takes you or your personnel to prepare and mail the material.

Now think of this. When advertising using direct mail, few of those people that you mailed to will ever bother to read, or even open what you have sent. What all of this means is that it will usually cost you at least $50 dollars to place your material in the hands of one person who will even take an interest.

But through banner advertising, you can place your product information in the hands of a targeted, interested audience at a fraction of the price. We even have discounts for volume banner purchases. And a listing enhancement will provide eye catching exposure at a cost that anyone can afford.

Other advertising programs on Tour Egypt include our Tour Package sections on the main Tour Egypt page, and in the Red Sea Virtual Diving Center.

We will also provide you with a low cost standard home page, or a custom web site built to your specifications. Our staff of designers are some of the most experienced in the world, and we have won over 21 internet awards for our web work.

Please see below for pricing and detailed information about our advertising programs.

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