Egypt: Advertising - Commercial Listings

Commercial Listings

In our " Data on Travel Resources " section we list Travel Agents, Hotels, Airlines and Banks. However, we will be expanding these headings as needed for new businesses wishing to be listed.

We will provide all travel type businesses which are relevant to Egypt a free, unlinked listing within this area upon request.

We will also provide a free link in our directory called "The Egyptian InfoCenter" to any web site located in Egypt, or sites outside of Egypt if they have Egyptian specific topics. We will enhance your listing in both of these sections for a small yearly fee of only $40.00. In the "Data on Travel Resources" section, your listing will be bold and red, to indicate a hotspot, and information about your company will be linked to your web site and email address. In "The Egyptian InfoCenter", your listing will also be bold. You may also enhance either your "Data on Travel Resources" information or your "The Egyptian InfoCenter" listing for only $25.00 per year (Non-travel related businesses will wish to select this second option, as they will have no listing in the "Data on Travel Resources" page.

Your link on the "Data on Travel Resources will look like this:

Click here for an example of your data sheet enhancement.

"The Egyptian InfoCenter" listing will be enhanced like this: