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So that we may serve a full range of needs, we provide both an inexpensive standard page, or custom web site design service. Our standard page is attractive, and will include two of your graphics, up to 500 words of text, and linked contact information. The cost of a standard page is $40.00 per month, and this price includes an mail address (you must have your own dial up provider) and a full listing enhancement package. A minimum contract of six months payable in advance is required. Including setup charges, the total six month cost is only $290.00. As an added bonus, we will provide two free updates during the contract period. Click here to see an example and specific information on our Standard Page.

Our standard home page is a great opportunity and bargain for smaller hotels, travel agencies, and other travel related businesses to make an impact on their Egyptian tourist trade. In addition, we consider sites located on our server as a part of our Tour Egypt network, and from time to time, we will be providing them with free marketing tools. For example, from now until the end of March 1997, we will provide a free banner on one of our banner pages for a one month period to all new standard or custom web site customers. That's a great deal and a real traffic builder when you need one; when your site first opens. (This offer is limited to the number of banner slots we have open, so hurry).

Custom Internet sites are priced individually, but most design time is billed at $35.00 per hour. You may request a specific designer, but charges for specific designer's time may vary to $150.00 per hour. All custom sites receive email addresses and listing enhancement upgrades. In all, we believe you will find our design efforts to be highly reasonable with an extreme level of quality. We have won over 21 awards for our efforts to date. And one other important fact, while you may be approached by many people with virtually no experience to build your web site, our teams have built hundreds, which you can see on our main pages and sponsor pages. (Your site will also receive a listing on our main InterCity sponsor page.)

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