The Association of Egyptian Travel Businesses on the Internet

About the AETBI Newsletters

Specifically, our email newsletter is dedicated to helping Association members make the most of their online experience by providing technical analysis and current information on advertising trends pertaining to the travel industry. Upcoming topics of the newsletter include:

  • Making the Egypt-bound tourist comfortable using your web site; What they need to seem, what you need to show.

  • A broad review of how to increase traffic to your Egyptian travel web site; using the Internet fully.

  • A broad analysis of search engines.

  • Tools you need to track your marketing success on the Internet.

  • Analytically determining your quantitative returns on Internet advertising.

  • Creating a balanced approach to online travel marketing.

  • A review of complaints and compliments from Egyptian tourists.

  • Link exchanges, where to find them, their drawbacks and rewards.

  • An analysis of advertising opportunities on the Internet that are viable for Egyptian related travel companies.

  • Using your web site to help your returning tour customers advertise for you.

  • Trends and statistics for the Internet travel industry in general.

  • Designing internet ads and banners, an all important art.

Our newsletter will emphasize covering one specific topic each month in depth and will be more of a tutorial than traditional newsletters. Of course, over the coming years, many more topics than those above will be covered, and we encourage our members to submit topics that they wish to see discussed.