Amarna Letters: A Letter from Yabitiri to Amenhotep III

A Letter from Yabitiri to Amenhotep III

To my lord, my king, my gods, my sun, this is said:

Yabitiri, thy servant, the dust of thy feet, at the feet of my lord, my king, my gods, my sun, seven times, and seven times more, I fall down. Behold, I am thy servant, true to my lord, my king. I look on one side, and I look on the other side, and there is no light; but I look on my lord my king, and there is light. A brick may move away from under the coping, but I shall not move from under the feet of my master.

Let now my lord my king enquire about me of Yankhama, his agent. When I was young, Yankhama took me to Egypt, and placed me with my lord my king, and I dwelt at the door of my lord my king. Let my lord my king ask his agent if I do not guard the gate of Gaza and the gate of Joppa. As for me, I am with the auxiliaries of my lord my king; wherever they go, I go with them; and so I am with them now. The yoke of my lord is on my neck, and I bear it. Sources:W.M.Flinders Petrie A History of Egypt, Part Two, p.185

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