Amarna Letters: A letter from Zatatna, Prince of Akko, to Akhenaten

A letter from Zatatna, Prince of Akko, to Akhenaten

Let the king my Lord hear the word of his servant!

Zirdamyasha has withdrawn from Biryawaza[1]. He was with Shuta[2], the servant of the king in the city of [.........] and I said nothing to him, but he deserted to me, and now Shuta has written to me: 'Give Zirdamyashda to Biryawaza!' But I did not consent to give him up. Behold, Accho[3] is (as Egyptian) as Magdal in Egypt, but the king my lord has not heard that Shuta has turned against me. Now let the king my lord send his commissioner to fetch him.

[1] Biryawaza, king of Damascus
[2] Shuta: It has been speculated that this was the army officer who was to become Seti I
[3] Accho: Akko, Acco, Acre

Sources: Pritchard ANET pp 484f

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