Tour Egypt: Modern Egyptian Art - Pluralism in Styles

Pluralism in Styles

Moustafa al-Razzaz - Romance Epic
Oil on canvas, early 1970s

Abd al-Hadi al-Gazzar - Invocation
Oil on Cardbaord, 1958

Hamed Nada - Folk Musicians
Oil on canvas, 1986

Fathi Ahmad - Egypt's Eyes
Woodcut print, 1978

Fathi Ahmad - Mothers
Woodcut print, 1981

Salah Enani - The Acrobats
Late 1980s

Salah Enani - Couple
Early 1990s

Reda Abd al-Salam - The General
Oil on canvas, 1984

Adel al-Siwi - Birds Large and Small
Mixed media on paper, 1988

Adel al-Siwi - Still Life on Table
Mixed media on paper, 1988

Adel al-Siwi - Window by the Sea
Mixed media on canvas, 1988

Mohammed Abla - Noisy City
Charcoal on paper, 1990