A great event to check out if you’re in Sinai

This will be my last blog post this week, and I’ll be away for the next 10 days (be back on the 22nd) as I’m off home for a week to see family.  I’ve decided to leave you with something to do next week in my absence =)

For those of you already in the Sinai, or planning on being here during the next week,  there’s an event going on in Dahab that’s sure to be a great time, and you should check out!  It’s called the Dahab Festival, and it’s “celebrating” all different kinds of water sports and activities that can be done!

The festival, officially called Dahab International Festival of Water Sports, Culture and Desert Adventure is taking place on the 14th – 20th May, 2011.  You can take part in such activities as windsurfing, free-diving, snorkeling, and kite surfing as well.
The great thing is that you can also take classes in free-diving and scuba diving with the pros, which means you’re far more likely to learn something while having fun than during most other classes!

At night there will be some authentic Bedouin parties, with camel racing, performances by local artists, and even authentic dinners.

In keeping with the overall relaxed theme and atmosphere that is Dahab, there will also be free yoga classes, and some alternative healing methods such as Reiki and others, with some movie screenings also taking place.

Basically, this event is a great way to experience the local laid-back culture of Dahab, while also taking part in new activities.


Check out their website for a daily schedule of activities, and GO ENJOY IT!



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