Sharks? Pfff, what sharks?

Egypt’s a popular place to visit for many reasons.  While most people visit to see the Pyramids and the temples and monuments at Luxor and Aswan, others come to enjoy the beaches of the beautiful Red Sea.  Those who come to the Red Sea are visiting for one of two reasons, or both, to relax on the beach and get a tan, or to go diving and snorkeling.

Now, I know that there were a couple of shark attacks off Sharm’s coast last year, and there was panic about swimming and visiting Egypt.  Because of the shark attacks, a lot of people changed travel plans from Sharm to visiting other places in Egypt, or even other countries.  The thing is, though, that shark attacks happen everywhere in the world.  For example, Florida and South Africa are known for shark attacks.  I even remember a couple of years ago there being an elevated number of shark attacks off the coast of Florida.  At the time, people were warned not to go swimming in the beach because sharks were actually venturing quite close to shore.

In fact, according to the International Shark Attack File, in the period of 1882 – 2004 the total number of people attacked by sharks in Florida was 493, with 11 being fatal.  That’s an average of over 4 attacks per year.  However, in the last 20 years, there have only been 14 shark attacks in Egypt, with only three of them being fatal.  That’s 14 in the entire country, as opposed to the figures I mentioned earlier that were only for the state of Florida, not all coastal states.


Shark in Red Sea
Shark swimming peacefully with fish in the Red Sea


Basically, it’s safe to say that shark attacks in Egypt, while they do occur, do so on a much less frequent basis than the southern US state of Florida, and people still don’t hesitate to visit the state’s beautiful beaches.  So why hesitate to visit such a beautiful country with stunning coastline and breathtaking underwater scenery because of something highly unlikely to happen?

My advice, come visit, be entertained in Sharm and the other Red Sea areas such as Dahab, Taba, Hurghada, and Nuweiba, and really enjoy yourself!

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