A Memory of the Pyramids

At 8 am I am stepping out from my apartment, looking up against the half clouded but relatively warm morning.

I am meeting my Danish colleagues with 2 elderly gentlemen with Autism. Today’s trip is heading for the pyramids and to ride camels. The two brave gentlemen had a great wish. To see the pyramids, followed by a camel ride. This wish finally came true, and the whole group is now in Cairo, ready for an exiting week.


After a short drive towards Giza, we enter the pyramids complex. Tourism is still quite low due to the 2011 events in Egypt, although people are now, slowly but surely, coming back to the Giza pyramids. We decided to be there when the ticket office opens, to beat the crowds and we have most of the complex to our selves, when we start the tour of the 3 great pyramids. Slowly but surely, the buses approach and before we are done absorbing the views, there are quite a lot of tourists among us.


Next on the list, is the camel ride. This takes place above the pyramids, on a nearby plateau, which have open views to the Saqqara pyramids further south. It’s very big smiles, we all get from the very satisfied gentlemen, that finally have done the camel ride, with the pyramids in the background.


The trip will be in their memory for a long long time.


The service we got all through the whole trip, was very satisfying. The staff at the pyramids, was very helpful and friendly and I hope that more people, that’s not the usual “Lonely Planet” reader, will grab the opportunity to come explore this great Country!

About Thomas

My name is Thomas Rasmussen and I am a writer/blogger at Tour Egypt. I am from Denmark and have been living here in Cairo since 4 years. I am working in the field of Special Needs Education. To live in Cairo, is of course a big change from living in Denmark, but the diversity, the amazing landscapes, deserts, coasts and mountains make it all worth, to battle your way through the sometimes quite tense traffic. This blog will be used, for everyday thoughts on Egypt to travels and discussions.