Three Interesting Ways to Get Around Sinai

There are all kinds of activities to do in Sinai that will interest any kind of traveler.  These range from relaxing leisure activities to extreme sporting activities.  I have come up with a few options that are sure to please any traveler and make your experience in Sinai memorable and unique.


1. Camel Safari

Yes, you can ride a camel in just about every part of Egypt but it just feels more authentic in Sinai where you actually see locals, mainly Bedouins, actually using camels as real modes of transportation.  You can spot trains of camels on the side of the road and even the beach, taking goods and people from one camp to another.

The most exciting part of a camel ride, in my opinion, is getting on and off the camel.  They lift their long awkward hind legs first so you feel like you will slide down their neck and fly right off their head, then abruptly straighten the front legs putting you seven feet (approx. two meters) in the air, giving you a nice view of your surroundings.  Riding a camel is something you must do while in Egypt but I recommend not going for more than a couple hours unless you want a sore bum the next day.  Most camps on the Red Sea can arrange a camel ride on the beach, into the mountains or even to a Wadi.

2. Quads

If riding an animal really isn’t your thing and you have a need for speed then a quad ride through the mountainous Sinai coast is the way to go.  Very easy to drive and a whole lot of fun, quads can be ridden by one or two people.  I highly recommend getting your own but if you want to take pictures, it is much easier to have one person drive while the other holds the camera.


To protect the natural surroundings most companies will keep you on a designated path, though this makes it no less interesting.   You will most likely stop for Bedouin tea and to explore a few sites.  A helmet is provided but don’t forget a scarf and sunglasses because the paths tend to be pretty dusty and a mouthful of dirt is not so fun.

3. Glass Bottom Boat

A more relaxing tour is by boat, more specifically a glass bottom boat.  This is a nice trip for families and those less active.  These boats will take you to the amazing coral reefs so you can admire the colorful fish without needing to get wet.  You can sail for a couple of hours on the Red Sea and many companies allow time for snorkeling if admiring fish from the surface just isn’t enough.

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