A view of Cairo from Al-Azhar Park

It’s not hard to figure out why Al-Ahzar park, located on Salah Salem Street in Old Cairo, is a popular tourist attraction.  It is inexpensive, offers an excellent view of the city and an amazing green space to walk, run, jump and play.

Opened in 2005, this beautiful public space was constructed at a cost of $30 million by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.  The space was transformed from a debris-ridden pile of rubble to one of the most stellar parks in Egypt.  While under construction, the 800-year-old Ayyubid wall was discovered, restored and is now a main attraction.

The view of Cairo from Al-Ahzar park is breathtaking.  With a panoramic view of the city, including the Saladin Citidal, there might be no better place in Cairo to admire the sunset.  As you wander down the many walkways here, you find families relaxing in the grass while kids run around, splashing in one of the many waterways and fountains. You are surrounded by gardens wherever you go and signs help you learn the names of native plants nearby. When you tire of walking around, you can sit on a bench and watch the bustling city below.

Lakeview cafe and Studio Misr (Citadel View) are the more popular of the cafes and restaurants located within the park.  Each was beautifully constructed and displays fantastic views of Cairo.  Each restaurant or cafe offers different cuisine ranging from sandwiches to Lebanese food to an Oriental buffet.  There are many stands to get snacks and even a Little Caesar’s Pizza located near the children’s playground.  There is something for every budget and appetite.

You can really spend a whole day here, and for 5 LE (or 7 LE during the weekend)  it is a cheap, family friendly outing worth checking out.

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