New Pyramids!

I was reading the news online today and came across a really interesting article on BBC.  It was about new pyramids, tombs, and settlements that have been found in Egypt over the last year.  I got so excited to hear this!  I mean, even after living here for a few years, and recognizing that with all the discoveries already made, there are probably countless discoveries yet to be made, I was still so excited to hear about this!


Saqqara Pyramid Complex

Saqqara Pyramid Complex

Apparently, a team of archaeologists in Alabama have been using infrared satellite images of Egypt analyzed at a NASA-sponsored lab.  What’s really cool is that even though these satellites orbit more than 700 km above the Earth, they’re really really accurate, and can recognize small objects, even as small as about 1 meter wide!

There have also been some trial excavations  to prove that these images were accurate  and they are!  While none of these monuments or tombs may reach the size or grandeur of the Giza Pyramids, it’s still very exciting to think that there are thousands of tombs yet to be unearthed! I mean, though about it.  We all know that the ancient Egyptians were prolific builders, but to have it be 2011 and still be discovering thousands, literally, of new sites is absolutely mind blowing!


What do you think? Is it surprising that we’re still discovering new tombs? Or was it pretty obvious that there was still a lot left to be unearthed?  We’d love to hear your opinions!

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