A Day in Degla, Maadi (Part 1)

If you’re looking for a way to spend a quiet and warm afternoon, look no further than Degla, Maadi.  While almost all of Maadi is quite green and calm, Degla is really special.  With a large expat presence, being in Degla is so very much like being in a small suburb in the U.S. or Europe.  You know the hustle and bustle of the big city are nearby, but you can’t really feel it, and you feel more calm and at peace.

A great way to spend the afternoon in Degla is by doing some shopping, having a nice meal, and topping it off with some ice cream and a nice walk.  This week, we’ll talk about the shopping aspect:


Let’s start off with the shopping.  Degla has quite a few shops, from chain jewelry stores to pet shops.  Anything you need can easily be found in this part of town.  One of the hidden treasures, though, is a little shop called TeePee Home Accessories.  The place is below street level, but there’s a clear sign to let you know it’s there.  In fact, I discovered it by the sign, and not the store itself.  When you walk into the shop, you’ll find lots of traditional pieces like bracelets and charms with small hands or eyes believed to ward off evil.  There are also many pieces carved of wood like typical African masks and animals, as well as housewares such as wooden kitchen spoons carved with shapes of animals like zebras and elephants at the end.


TeePee Storefront

The hidden gem, TeePee.


Besides these items, you’ll find beautiful hand woven scarves, purses, and curtains in a room to the back, with a modern classic feel to them.  One of my favorite pieces that I saw was light fixture (one of many) that was made of small hanging colored jars big enough for tea-lights with colored blown glass hanging down from it.  The piece is quite beautifully done and is unique.

Other items in the shop include customizable coasters (about 20 LE ≈ $3 each), and beautiful customizable jewelry boxes decorated in stunning Arabic calligraphy with words such as “mother” and “sister” and can be customized with a specific name or message ( about 170 LE ≈ $30 each).

All in all, the prices are quite reasonable, and the items are very impressive and fashionable!  This is a great place to do some of your gift shopping!





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