Arabic Lesson #3 – Insha’Allah

“Insha-Allah”, pronounced In-shaa-ull-luh, is an Arabic phrase used to say “If Allah wills”. “Insha”, meaning if he wills, and Allah, is the name of God in Arabic. Although there are other words that can be used instead of “Insha” that also have the same meaning, Insha-Allah is the most common, and generally used among Egyptians and Muslims worldwide.


Insha'Allah written in Arabic

Religiously speaking, this phrase is used to show that Allah wills of what and which anybody wants or desires. After all, Muslims believe that everything is written (Maktoub) and that Allah is the All-knowing, as such it is only by Allah’s authority that whatever people want will only happen if it is written down and within his plan.


Go ahead. Follow the red lines in order from 1-18 to write Insha’Allah in Arabic.

How to write Insha'Allah

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