Castle Zaman, a great day trip from Dahab

So, in keeping with the overall Dahab theme, I’d like to suggest a great place to visit and spend the day at, located only about an hour’s drive from Dahab.


Castle Zaman by day

Castle Zaman by day

As with the rest of the area, Castle Zaman is a great place to visit and relax for a while.

Castle Zaman at Night

Castle Zaman illuminated at night

A faux medieval castle built in 2003, the castle’s name literally means “castle of the past”, and it does a great job of giving just that feeling.  Throughout the castle, you’ll find that the structure is built entirely of stones and rocks from all over the Sinai Peninsula, in keeping with keeping everything “green” and local.

The castle is built on  top of a mountain, overlooking its own private beach, with a spectacular view of Saudi Arabia and Jordan across the Red Sea.

Order your lunch as soon as you walk in because meals here are slow-cooked, and can take around 3 hours to be prepared.  In the meantime, you can spend the day relaxing at the pool, but be sure to arrive early as it can get pretty crowded.  Eclectic music is played on the subtle speaker system, and the most relaxed, chill-out vibe emanates throughout the area.

Take a dip in the pool, or lounge on one of the beanbags available, and just enjoy the day.  You can even have a look around the “authentic” dungeon and perhaps even take some of the “treasure” home with you!


Authentic treasure room at Castle Zaman

Authentic treasure room at Castle Zaman

Basically, an hour’s drive is so worth it for the relaxation and peace you feel at Castle Zaman.  The food is delicious, the ambiance is spectacular, and view is breathtaking.  Spend the day here, and you definitely won’t regret it!

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