What to pack for your trip to Egypt

Being that it’s June, and most of us are beach and vacation bound, packing is an activity that will undoubtedly happen very often. If you’re coming to Egypt anytime in the next few months, basically until late October, here are some things you’ll want to be sure to pack with you!


  1. Sunblock
    • This one’s kind of a no-brainer.  When going anywhere you’ll be exposed to sunlight, sunblock is recommended.  When going somewhere with such strong sun as Egypt, it’s almost a requirement!  A good idea is to reach for the sunscreen with the highest SPF possible.
  2. Sunglasses
    • This goes right along with #1.  The sun in Egypt is bright…VERY bright.  Sunglasses will help you enjoy the sites without squinting to see them.  They’ll also make your pictures look a whole lot cooler since you won’t be squinting and unintentionally making weird faces in them!

  4. Comfortable walking shoes
    • If you’re planning on doing any visits to temples or pyramids, it’s a good idea to invest in some comfortable breathable footwear.  You’ll be doing plenty of walking on some pretty uneven ground and in some sand as well, and the weather is quite hot, so breathable footwear like sandals are very useful.

  6. Power adapter
    • This is undoubtedly something very important. Egypt’s electrical usage is 220V, the same as many places in the world, except for the US and some other countries. If your electrical appliances can handle 220V, then you’ll only need to bring an adapter for the shape of the plug itself. If your equipment doesn’t take 220V, then you’ll need to purchase an electrical converter, sold at most electronics stores, in order to use these appliances here.

      Power Adapter

      Power Adapter


  8. Medication
    • If you’re taking a specific type of medicine, bring it with you as there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to purchase it here. However, you’ll be able to find everything from normal painkillers to OTC cold medications and upset stomach pills. Considering the vast change in weather, you might experience a funny stomach for the first couple of days. Avoid making it worse by drinking bottled water instead of tap, and taking an anti-diarrheatic.

  10. Bathing suit and ear plugs/snorkeling mask
    • If you’ll be anywhere near the coast, be sure to have your swimsuit and gear packed as well. The Red and Mediterranean Seas offer beautiful water, sandy and pebble beaches, and some of the best diving and snorkeling sites in the world. In some parts of the Red Sea, you can even swim with dolphins!

  12. Light, modest clothing
    • Bring a light (linen or cotton) long-sleeved shirt and a light scarf, even if you’re visiting in the summer. Egypt has some beautiful and historic mosques, and it is customary to be dressed modestly when entering. Women should wear pants and a long-sleeved shirt, and their hair should be covered, even if loosely, while men should wear shorts at least to their knees.

  14. A Camera
    • Last, but definitely not least, is a CAMERA! No trip anywhere, and especially not Egypt, would be complete without lots and lots of pictures. I know it sounds a bit strange to include a camera in this list, but I do know people who have forgotten to bring theirs and have had to buy one! Basically, don’t get caught in the country without one!

I hope these tips help in your packing for Egypt, and that I haven’t forgotten anything!  Good luck!

About Mona Ibrahim

My name is Mona and I’m a writer/blogger at Tour Egypt. Egyptian by ethnicity, I was born and raised on the east coast of the United States, living in New Jersey and Massachusetts my entire life. Three years ago, I decided to move to Egypt, on my own, and experience what it is like to live in such an incredible country. I have a degree in Hospitality Administration, I love “The Office” and Welch’s Grape Juice, and I really enjoy baking. These are my experiences and tips for Egypt.