10 things I like about Egypt – part 2 –

The top five is narrowed down and my choice for the top spot was difficult

5. Easy to make friends (male friends)

Next to the warm and friendly characters of the people themselves, it amazed me that in also in the long run the Egyptian people keep being your friend. In the first month I was being criticized if I didn’t call back or did not ask them how they had been? This lessened a little now because my friends know I can find my way and this is more in balance. But I have friends now with whom I go to play basketball, meet in the café or play some playstation if we have nothing to do.
My dream before I came here was of course to be together with an Arabian Princess…. Well, I can keep that in my dreams for now.

4. There are no traffic rules

I like this! Yes, I almost love it! Traffic is crazy, that should be know by now about Egypt. But going from A to B on hi-speed, passing right and left and stop where you want can actually be efficient. You have to think less but look more that is the condition. Cars are a little bumped and scratched, but okay, when I see some cars I wouldn’t mind this either. At least, I am also not the target group to buy a new BMW. (unfortunately)

3. Beautiful places in such a big country
I am talking mainly about panorama views (Mokkatam), nature sights, and historic monuments. It is a big country, ranked 30th concerned with land area. Tourism is important and it showed me why: there is a diverse range of different activities, landscapes, flora and fauna and it can be labelled as exotic. Desert foxes, panoramas over the Nile or the Desert and of course the snorkelling in the Red Sea (do not forget about the Suez Canal Bridge!)

2. Live is 24/7

Food, clothes or going to the gym. I can do it all on 3 AM or 3 PM. No problem. The big mall is closed, but the local shop will be open to sell some Zamalek T-shirts. The gatekeeper of the gym will be sleeping, but he will sleep on the couch in the entrance hall. Delivery is 24/7 but you can still walk at 3 AM to most fastfood restaurants.

One of the nicest things of Egypt (not spefically Egypt though) is that they will wait until you are finished. There is a playstation café close to my home, if I want to stay to 5 in the morning I am pretty sure they will wait for me till I will go satisfied back to home.

1. Beautiful culture

Culture is a very broad aspect; it can refer to music, dancing, art, religion and customs in dealing with each other. The main aspects of culture I appreciate in Egypt are the customs when getting together with a girl. Loyalty is important and most girls will not go with a guy before they (or their family) know(s) him. Furthermore I think Islam is a beautiful religion with Sunna’s that sounds like singing, the girls and men walking in gowns (galabeja’s). Not to mention that Egyptian girls know how to dance! Most belly dancers are foreign, but the girls do know how to move.

Any other top aspects I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments or tell me on Twitter @MartenMike 


About Mike

Raised in the modern society of North-West Europe, I am just a rookie in the daily life of Egypt. Traveling straight out of Thailand this creates a unique opinion. I try to write with creative, cultural and analytical viewpoints. Although I am not that structured, I try to keep you updated every week!