A Day in Degla, Maadi (Part 2)

So we’ve discussed shopping already, but did you know  that another thing Degla is known for and is really good with is food?  Yup!  Degla has the widest variety of cuisine, thanks to the large expat community that lives there.  Taking a walk om Degla is the only way to discover just how many dining options really do exist, because, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be listed on any one website.

Here are just a few options of places where you can get something to satisfy your taste buds!


  • Crave  -  This restaurant has more than one location, but I actually like this one best.  It serves “Italian”/International cuisine, which really means that everyone will like their food.  That is, unless you’re Italian and order a pizza (since I’m sure that no pizza anywhere will be like pizza in Italy).    Try the shrimp konafa here because it’s not something common in Egypt yet, but it’s really good!
  • Navona  -  This pizzeria takes its name from the Piazza in Rome.  While I haven’t personally eaten there, I’ve heard good things about it, and it always seems crowded.  Besides pizzas, you’ll definitely find pastas and main courses as well.
  • Fino Bakery  -  This specialty bakery in Degla is a little slice of carb heaven!  Not only do they have typical pastries (croissants, cookies, donuts), but they also have 13 different types of breads, and even offer gluten free products if ordered in advance, making it a great place to pick up the week’s bakeries.
  • Along these lines is Munch N Bagel.  Offering Egypt’s only real bagels, the shop has another location in Zamalek.  While it is a bit pricey (for their sandwiches), the bagels themselves are good and you can pick up a few (most bagels sans toppings are 5 LE each), and make your own sandwiches at home.
  • Probably the best dessert in the area is served at Stavolta.  On the same street as Navone and TeePee (from the last post), Stavolta serves authentic Italian gelato.  With more than 30 flavors to choose from ranging from chocolate and vanilla to gooseberry or stracciatella, you’ll try something new every time you visit.  Each scoop is about 10 LE , and you can get a waffle cone or cup.  They also serve ice cream pops!
Stavolta's 4square image

Stavolta storefront


While there are tons of other places, these are just the very few I have experience with.  There are still loads of Asian restaurants (Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, Mongolian, etc) for you to try…just be open to walking around and discovering them on your own!

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