British Cemetery at Al Alamein, Egypt

The British Cemetery at El Alamein


The British Cemetery has thousands upon thousands of rock hewn tombstones arranged in straight rows amidst a fenced garden.

Most of the soldiers were British 8th Army led by General Montgomery. The Battle began on October 23, 1942 and lasted until November 4th. In all, 35,476 British and Commonwealth soldiers lost their lives in the three years of the North African campaigns of WW II.

Allied Forces involved at Alamein Beach:

7th Armored Division

Royal Scots Greys

4th Queen's Own Hussars

8th King's Royal Irish Hussars

2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry

3rd Royal Horse Artillery Regiment

1st Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps

1st Bn The Royal Tank Regiment

5th Bn The Royal Tank Regiment

4th County of London Yeomanry

4th Field Regiment

97th Field Regiment

1st/5th Bn Queen's Royal Regiment

1st/6th Bn Queen's Royal Regiment

1st/7th Bn Queen's Royal Regiment

53rd Field Regiment

57th Anti-Tank Regiment

11th Field Company Royal Engineers

11th Hussars

7th Armoured Divisional Signals

1st Armoured Division

The Queen's Bays

9th Queen's Royal Lancers

10th Royal Hussars

1st Bn The Rifle Brigade (mot)

11th Royal Horse Artillery Regiment

88th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery

44th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery RA

3rd Bn Coldstream Guards

2nd Bn Scots Guards

9th Bn The Rifle Brigade

12th Royal Lancers

2nd Royal Horse Artillery Regiment

10th Armoured Division

Nottinghamshire Yeomanry

Staffordshire Yeomanry

3rd Bn The Royal Tank Regiment

1st Bn The Buffs

41st Bn The Royal Tank Regiment

45th Bn The Royal Tank Regiment

47th Bn The Royal Tank Regiment

11th Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps

2nd Bn Royal Sussex Regiment

4th Bn Royal Sussex Regiment

5th Bn Royal Sussex Regiment

1st Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

1st Royal Horse Artillery Regiment

104th Royal Horse Artillery Regiment

98th Field Regiment

84th Anti-Tank Regiment

53rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

1st Royal Dragoons

9th Australian Division

20th Brigade

2/13th Battalion, 2/15th Battalion, 2/17th Battalion

24th Brigade

2/28th Battalion, 2/32nd Battalion, 2/43rd Battalion

26th Brigade

2/23rd Battalion, 2/24th Battalion, 2/48th Battalion

2nd New Zealand Division

21st NZ Infantry Btl

22nd NZ Infantry Battalion

23rd NZ Infantry Battalion

28th Maori Battalion

24th NZ Infantry Battalion

25th NZ Infantry Battalion

26th NZ Infantry Battalion

4th NZ Artillery Field Regiment

5th NZ Artillery Field Regiment

6th NZ Artillery Field Regiment

7th NZ Anti-Tank Regiment

14th NZ Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

2nd NZ Div Cavalry Regiment

51st Highland Division

1st Btn Black Watch Highlanders Rgt

5th Btn Black Watch Highlanders Rgt

7th Btn Black Watch Highlanders Rgt

2nd Seaforth Highlanders Btn 5th Seaforth Highlanders Btn

5th Btn Queen's Own-Cameron Highlanders

1st Gordon Highlanders Btn

5/7th Gordon Highlanders Btn

7th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Btn

Middlesex Regiment

50th Infantry Division

69th, 151st Infantry brigades

1st Greek Brigade group

74th, 11th, 124th, 154th Field Royal Artillery Rgts

102nd Antitank Artillery Rgt

34th Anti Aircraft Artillery Rgt

44th Infantry Division

131st, 132nd, 133rd Infantry brigades

7th Chelshire Btn

53rd, 57th, 58th,65th Royal Field Artillery Rgts

30th Anti aircraft Artillery Rgt

4th Indian Division

5th, 7th, 161st Infantry Brigades

1st, 11th, 32nd Field Royal Artillery Rgts

149th antitank Rgt

57th antiaircraft Rgt

1st South African Division

1st, 2nd, 3rd Infantry Brigades

3rd AFV South African Rgt

1st President Steyn Rgt

1st, 4th, 7th SA Field Artillery Rgt

1st antitank SA Rgt

1st antiaircraft SA Rgt

8th Royal tanks Rgt

Free French Brigade

1st Naval Infantry Btn

2nd Naval Infantry Btn

13th Foreign Legion Rgt

French Pacific Btn