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Cairo - Antiquities


Mosques and Islamic Monuments


Altunbugha al-Maridani Mosque - Cairo

Amr Ibn El-Aas, Mosque of - Cairo

El-Aqmar Mosque (Gray Mosque) - Cairo

Aqsunqur or Blue Mosque - Cairo

As-Salih Talai Mosque - Cairo

Aytmishi Mosque - Cairo

Al-Azhar Mosque - Cairo

Ashraf Barsbay, Complex of in the Northern Cemetery

Ashraf Barsbay, Mosque/Marasa, Sabil-Kuttab & Mausoleum Complex of

al-Burdayni, Mosque of - Cairo

El-Gawhara el-Lala Mosque - Cairo

El-Ghuri Mosque - Cairo

al-Guyushi, Mosque of - Cairo

El-Hakim Mosque

Sultan Hassan Mosque & Madrasa - Cairo

El-Hussein Mosque - Cairo

Ibn Tulun Mosque - Cairo

Sultan al-Ashraf Inal, Funerary and Religious Complex of - Cairo

El-Ishaqi Mosque - Cairo

Amir Jamal al-Din al-Ustadar, Mosque of - Cairo

Kamilya Medersa - Cairo

Khayrbak, The Mosque/Madrasa and Mausoleum of - Cairo

Mahmud Pash Mosque - Cairo

Mohammad Ali (Alabaster) Mosque - Cairo

El-Mu'ayyad Mosque (Red Mosque) - Cairo

An-Nasir Mohammed Mosque - Cairo

Sultan Qala'un, Complex of - Cairo

Qaytbay, Funerary Complex of

Qurqumas, Funerary (including Mosque) of

Refa'i Mosque - Cairo

Sangar Salar Mosque and Mausoleum - Cairo

Sayyida Zeinab Mosque - Cairo

Shaykhu Mosque - Cairo

Suleyman Aga El-Silahdar Mosque - Cairo

Suleyman Pasha Mosque - Cairo

Taghri Bardi Mosque, Madrasa and Tomb - Cairo

Terbana Mosque - Alexandria

Other Historical Islamic Buildings and Structures

Amir Taz Palace - Cairo

al-Azab, Bab - Cairo

Baybars El-Jashankir Khanqa - Cairo

Citadel - Cairo

Sultan Faraj Ibn Barquq, The Khanqah and Mausoleum of - Cairo

Sultan Barquq, Madrasa-Khanqah of - Cairo

El-Futuh (Gate of Conquest), Bab - Cairo

El-Ghuri Mausoleum - Cairo

El-Ghuri Wakala - Cairo

Harem Palace - Cairo

Hassan Sadaqa Mausoleum - Cairo

El-Harrawi House - Cairo

Kamilya Medersa - Cairo

Katkhuda, Sabil-Kottb of - Cairo

Khan el-Khalili - Cairo

Manzil Gamal al-Din al-Dahabi

Manzil Zeinab Khatoun (House) - Cairo

Musafirkhana Palace - Cairo

Nafisa al-Bayda, Sabil-Kuttab of - Cairo

Al-Nasir Muhammad Madrasa/Mausoleum - Cairo

An-Nasr (Victory Gate), Bab - Cairo

Nilometer on Rawda (Roda) Islaond - Cairo

Qaytbay Medersa - Cairo

Qaytbay Wakala - Cairo

Qaytbay, Sabil-Kuttab of - Cairo

Qanybey Emir Akhur Medersa - Cairo

al-Salih Najm al-Dim Ayyub, The Madrasa and Mausoleum of (Al Salihiyya)

Sarghatmish Medersa - Cairo

Iman al-Shafi'i, The Mausoleum of - Cairo

Shajarat al-Durr, Mausoleum of - Cairo

Sunqur Sa'di Madrasa (And the Mawlawi Museum) - Cairo

Umm Abbas, Sabil of - Cairo

Umm al-Sultan Sha'ban, The Madrasa of

Wikalat Bazar'a (Bazar'a Caravanserai)

Zuwayla, Bab - Cairo

Christian Churches and Monuments


Abu Serga (St. Sergius), Church of - Cairo

Saint Barbara's Church (Sitt Barbara) - Cairo

Saint George (Keniset Mari Girgis), Church of - Cairo

Saint George, Church of the at Haret Zuwaila

Saint George (Mari Girgis), Greek Church of - Cairo

Hanging Church (El Mu'allaqa)- Cairo

Holy Virgin. Church of in Babylon Al-Darag - Cairo

Holy Virgin Mary, Church of the at Haret Zuwaila

Saint Mercurius, The Church of - Cairo

Saint Mercuris, The Church of at Haret Zuwaila

Menas, Church of (with Annexed Churches of Saint Bahnam & Saint George) - Cairo


The Convent of St. Mary (Haret Zuela)

The Convent of St. George (Haret Zuela)

Monastery of Saint Menas (Deir Abu Mina) (Old Cairo)

Jewish Temples


Agricultural Museum - Cairo

The Egyptian Antiquities Museum - Cairo

Kasr (Qasr) El-Gawhara (Jewel Palace)

Carriage Museum

Postal Museum

Rail Museum

The Pharaonic Village

Bayt al-Kritliyya

Manial Palace

Beit El-Umma (House of the People)

Gezira Center for Modern Art

Beshtak Palace

Bayt Al-Suhaymi

Military Museum

Mukhtar Museum

Gayer-Anderson Museum

Museum of Mohamed Khalil

Qasr Al-Eini Museum (Medical) - Cairo

Museum of Islamic Ceramics

Abdeen Palace Museum Complex - Cairo

Ahmed Shawki Museum - Cairo

The Child Museum - Cairo

Taha Hussein Museum - Cairo

Ramses Wessa Wassef Art Center

Markets and Shopping

El-Ghuri Wakala

Khan el-Khalili

Midan El-Ataba el-Khadra

Qaitbay Wakala

Other Points of Interest

Al-Azhar Park in Cairo, Egypt

Baron's Palace

Beit as-Sinnari

Cairo International Conference Center

Cairo Opera House

Cairo Tower (Gezirah) - Cairo

Dervish Theater

El-Abar Zawia

Emir Taz Palace

Fort Babylon

Geographical Society

Media Production City

Multi-Religious Compound - Cairo

Qizlar Sabil-kuttab and Rabaa

Ramses Station

Around Cairo Heliopolis

Ancient Heliopolis

Ancient Heliopolis Today

Memphis (at the village of Mit Rahina)

The Colossus of Ramesses

The Alabaster Sphinx

The Memphis Necropolises



Khentkaues, Pyramid of

Neferefre, Pyramid of

Neferirkare, Pyramid of

Niuserre, Pyramid of

Sahure, Pyramid of

Unattested Pyramids of Abusir


The Mastaba of Ptahshepses

Abu Rawash


Djedefre, Pyramid of

Lepsius Pyramid #1



Amenemhet II, Pyramid of

Amenemhet III, Pryamid of

Ameny Kemau, Pyramid of

Senusret III, Pyramid of

Snefru, Bent Pyramid of

Snefru, Pyramid of (Red Pyramid)



Cheops (Khufu), Pyramid of

Chephren (Khafre), Pyramid of

Menkaure, Pyramid Complex of


Hetepheres, Tomb of

Idu, Moastaba Of

Khufukhaf, Mastaba of

Meresankh III, Mastaba of

Qar, Mastaba of

Other Sites

The Great Sphinx



Djoser, Step Pyramid of

Idut I and Khuit Queens Pyramids

Sekhemkhet, Pyramid of

Teti, Pyramid of

Unas, Pyramid of

Userkaf, Pyramid of


Ankh-mahor, Tomb of

Irukaptah, Tomb of

Kagemni, Tomb of

Mehu, Tomb of

Mereruka, Tomb of

Mastaba Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep

Nebet, Tomb of Queen

Nefer, Tomb of

Neferherenptah, Tomb of

Persian Shafts

Ptah-hotep, Tomb of

Shepseskaf, Tomb of

Ti, Tomb of

Other Sites

The Monastery of St. Jeremiah

Serapeum - Saqqara

Saqqara, South


Anonymous Pryamid

Khendjer, Pyramid of

Djedkare, Pyramid of

Merenre, Pyramid of

Pepi I, Pyramid of

Pepi I's Queens, Pyramids of

Pepi II, Pyramid of

Pepi II's Queens, Pyramids of

Unknown Queen, Pyramid of

Other Locations


The Layer and Unfinished Pyramids Near Zawiyet el-Aryan Village

Mazghuna, Prymids of (Sobeknefru? and Amenemhet IV?)

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