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Chat Tutorial enter your data

In order to chat, choose the channel by dropping down the channel box and clicking on any chat channel. Then simply click on Connect Now.

Chat Tutorial and connecting to it

This will bring you into the chat system below. The chat area is simple, and you may use it at one by entering messages into the message box at the bottom and hitting the enter key. Alternatively, you may change your nickname as indicated below, which will then display a new nickname in the box to the right. You may change chat rooms by clicking on the Config button at the bottom. This will return you to the original chat screen above, where you may again drop down the channel box to choose a new channel. You are already connected, so simply click on the Ok button at the bottom. Within the chat system below, you may change color text by clicking on a color at the bottom, or make the text bold by clicking on the B button at the bottom.

configering your name and start chat

Within the Text box at the bottom of the chat system, various commands and options can be executed. For example, entering /help will display help on various available commands.

jIRC Commands

There following commands are supported by jIRC applet. All IRC commands are start with "/". Some of the commands below are for jIRC applet only, some are common IRC commands that users may frequently use.

Command Description

/clear Clear the chat message screen.

/nick 'nick_name' Change your current nick name to a new 'nick_name'

/join '#new_channel_name' Leave your current channel and join a new channel. Remember to supply "#" at the beginning of your channel name.

/quit 'optional good bye message' Leave your current channel and disconnect from IRC network.

/msg 'nick' 'your message' Send a private message to a user with nick name 'nick'

/action Display the message in action format.

/topic ; /topic '#channel' 'your topic' Display your current channel's topic or set your channel's topic

/ctcp 'nick_name' 'command' CTCP command includes "version", "clientinfo", "time", "echo"

/showurl '' Pop up a new browser window with the given URL content

/s 'sound_file' Play an audio file from the web server. The audio file name is "" in this case and must be located on the same directory of your applet file.

"%C4message %C9,3this is color" This is a special way to create multiple color within single message. Use the "%C" to indicate a color code ( equevalent to Crl-K in mIRC).

You can download other IRC clients if the java applet on this page gives you errors. It's tested with the latest Internet Explorer and Netscape releases.

The addresses for the server are and using port 6667.

Channel list:

  • Lobby
  • GeneralDiscussion
  • AncientMythology
  • AncientWorldTours
  • CamelDiveClub
  • EgyptianMysteries
  • EgyptianNews
  • EgyptologyAndArcheology
  • Egyptomaniacs
  • EgyptToursAndTravel
  • RedSeaScuba
  • Singles
  • SouthSinaiTravel
  • Travel
  • VikingTravel
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Last Updated: June 22nd, 2011