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Conference Center Tutorial

Always keep in mind that on the menu bar there is a help button with extensive help for the conference center. The conference center consists of several parts. The left side of the screen contains the conference menus for selecting specific message boards. The black menu bar across the top has buttons for major features, such as posting messages, changing messages or looking up profiles. The search button is particularly useful for finding messages on a specific topic. The right side of the screen is where messages, as well as chat areas are displayed.

To post a new message to any specific message board, first click on the message area, which will expand the area to show individual message threads. Then, you can either click on a thread to read the messages, or click on the menu bar POST button to post a brand new thread to the specific message area. The plus sign + indicates that there are messages underlying the major topic. Clicking on the + sign expands the message thread into individual messages. When no + sign is present, such as the message at left (travelling (Luba Luba) 0404) then there are no underlying messages.

When first logging on to the BBS, the right side of the screen will show all new messages. In the case below, there have been three new messages since the last time the user clicked on "Mark All Read" on the menu bar. To open this area and look at the new messages, simply click on the new message(s) line.

This will open up the new messages. Clicking on any of these will display the message, and any new replies to the message.

Once a message is displayed, any number of actions are available. You may reply to the message either by clicking on the reply at the top of the message, or at the bottom of the message. You may also follow this thread of messages with Next, or Previous, look at other topics, or even post a brand new topic. You may also check out the profile of the person posting the message by clicking on his or her name, or send them an email message if they have provided one. You will not be able to edit or delete the message unless you are the creator of the message.

You may return to the original startup screen of the conference board at any time by pressing the reload button on your browser. Back on the opening screen, to enter the chat area, click on the chat text line.

This will bring up the following screen, which is the entrance to the Chat area.

In order to chat, choose the channel by dropping down the channel box and clicking on any chat channel. Then simply click on Connect Now.

This will bring you into the chat system below. The chat area is simple, and you may use it at one by entering messages into the message box at the bottom and hitting the enter key. Alternatively, you may change your nickname as indicated below, which will then display a new nickname in the box to the right. You may change chat rooms by clicking on the Config button at the bottom. This will return you to the original chat screen above, where you may again drop down the channel box to choose a new channel. You are already connected, so simply click on the Ok button at the bottom.

Within the chat system below, you may change color text by clicking on a color at the bottom, or make the text bold by clicking on the B button at the bottom.

Within the Text box at the bottom of the chat system, various commands and options can be executed. For example, entering /help will display help on various available commands.

We hope you enjoy the conference system, and return often. Please feel free to email me, or leave messages in the conference system to me if you have further questions.