Camping in Egypt

Desert camping is an absolute must when coming to Egypt. The pyramids and ancient tombs in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan give you one side of the marvelous ancient history that Egypt has to offer but a desert safari helps you get a feel for the nomad culture that once dominated Egypt. While on safari, you will be able to leave all your cares behind, succumbing to the calm isolation of the desert landscape. By booking a tour into one of the many deserts of Egypt, your travel experience will be enriched as you take in the beauty and wonder that is possible in such unique surroundings.

There are many places in Egypt that you can venture off for a tour of the desert. Sinai, near the Red Sea, Siwa, and most popular, the Western Desert are all excellent destinations for the desert adventurer in you. Cairo and Luxor are jumping off points for the Western desert where you can visit Baharia, Dakhla, Kharga, the White and Black Desert, and Farfareya. There are many photo opportunities en route including Mushroom Valley, Crystal Mountain, Chicken Rock, caves and of course, numerous sand dunes. You can even stop in Bahareya for some sandboarding on the Qatanya dunes! Siwa is another excellent choice for a desert safari where you can explore oases and ride a donkey or camel around the villages. The oases provide a nice change of scenery and offer both cool and warm springs to satisfy everyone's swimming desires. You may even see some desert animals if you are lucky. Make sure to keep your flip flops nearby as sneaky foxes love to steal them!

All trips to the desert are led by experienced Bedouin guides, knowledgeable in navigating through the dunes and vast desert. There are numerous types of tours to lead you to the desert which include walking, camel safaris and jeep safaris. Most tour wills include a combination of these options and we can modify the trip to suit your preferences. Your guide teach you about the desert ecosystem, how to look for water and how to read tracks. You will travel in true Bedouin style without having to worry about a thing. You will sleep under the stars, (mattresses and blankets will be provided), eat a traditional Bedouin barbecue for dinner, drink traditional tea in a Bedouin tent and possibly even watch a music show featuring traditional Bedouin instruments.