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The Minister's Guest

A Very Special Trip Contest From the Ministry of Tourism, Egypt

Another trip will be given away this month! If you haven't been entering, this is your last chance!

February's prize is one of our popular handmade silver cartouches, personalized with the name of the winner's choice in hieroglyphics. Furthermore, at the end of this contest we will draw one name from all the entrants since the last trip giveaway for our special Minister's Guest trip!

Please see the contest rules for information on how we will determine the winners. Also, take a look at our FAQ for important contest clarifications. When you believe that you have the correct answers, fill out the short entry form linked below:

February Questions

1. In which month of the Islamic calendar does the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, take place?

2. From which of Alexander's generals was "the" Cleopatra descended?

3. Which saint is said to be the founder of the Coptic, or Egyptian Catholic, Church?

4. Name the Eighth Century Muslim scholar who is credited with bringing modern astrology to the Western world.

5. What is the English meaning of the Egyptian Spring holiday called Sham el Nessim?

Entry Form

If you do not have forms capability, you may also email the answers to . Be sure to identify the questions with the answers.

Last Month's Winner

Last month's winner of the framed papyri set is Beth Trubey. Congratulations to our winner and best of luck to all our contestants this month!

Last Month's Answers

Check your answers against the correct ones below. If you got them all right, count yourself a master of Egyptian trivia!

1. There were two ancient Egyptian gods who guided the dead through the Underworld. Anubis is the best-known, who was the other, and what does his name mean?

Apuat (or Ap-Uat or Wepwawet); "The Opener-of-the-Way"

2. If someone in Egypt says "sabah el-kheir" to you, what are they saying?

Good Morning

3. What is ahwa better known as?


4. How old was a Pharaoh usually when his first Sed festival was held?


5. What is the unusual nickname of the Egyptian Tilapia that refers to its young-rearing habits?

The Mouth-Breeder

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