Editor's Sections on Tour Egypt

Editor Sections on Tour Egypt

We are introducing a new program on Tour Egypt basically designed to be similar in many ways to network Television. Individual programs on network television are usually created by independent companies.

About the Program

For those who would like to be Independent Editors on the Tour Egypt web site, we have some incentives. An Editorial Section will be described as a frequently updated section of pages relevant to the Tour Egypt site edited by independent editors. Examples might include a section on Antiquities updates, a restaurant or hotel review, a night life review, or perhaps an events calendar for a specific areas of Egypt. We will accept other ideas for Editorial Sections, though not with overtly commercial material. Tour Egypt must feel that the content will add to, or be relevant to the Tour Egypt web site. Editorial sections will be updated at least monthly, but may be updated more frequently, even daily.

Other Interesting Topics might include


As can be seen on the BBS, Food is a popular topic. People want to know recipes, explanations and alternatives for what goes in the recipes, and how to cook it. A monthly food section would be welcome.


I have found that Egyptian's are wonderful artists, and the best are world class. I would love to see an Art section discussing modern Egyptian Artists, reviewing them, telling about upcoming events. The same would be true of Music.

Book Reviews

Something someone could do from anywhere. I know many of our Egyptomaniacs buy books either by Egyptians, are about Egypt. It would be nice to see a monthly review.

Monetary Rewards

Independent Editor of these sections will receive 75% of any ad revenues generated by the section, along with considerable support from Tour Egypt. Ad revenue will generally be in the form of revenues from banner advertising on the section. Multiple banners may be displayed on the sections through rotating banners. Cost of the banners to advertisers will depend on the popularity of the section. This is one way that we hare enhancing Tour Egypt, and also a way for others to participate in the Tour Egypt experience. Independent Editors will be an integral part of the Tour Egypt Editorial Staff.

A Network Approach

Tour Egypt will supply assistance to Editors in a number of ways. Of course, all editor's sections will be linked from Tour Egypt in a prominent manner, and like television networks, we will use empty or unused banner space throughout the Tour Egypt web site to promote these new editor's sections. We will also provide summary spots within our newsletter to promote the sections. For popular sections, we may even extend promotion beyond this. We will actively attempt to market banner space on these sections. We will also provide editors with assistance in marketing their own sections, such as providing official Tour Egypt business cards, brochures and other available media. Editors will be able to represent themselves as members of the Tour Egypt staff, and thus our association with the Ministry of Tourism and
the Egyptian Tourist Authority. This may be particularly effective, for example, with a restaurant or hotel review, where the editor will usually be in direct contact with managers of those operations.