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In ancient times each Egyptian city or region had its own god and worshipped many others. Read on to learn a few general things about ancient Egyptian religious beliefs. Who did they worship? . . . The ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods. Sometimes it's hard for us to tell who was who! These gods and goddesses often represented the natural world, for example the sky, earth, wind, or sun. They took the form of animals or combined animal and human forms.

Official religion . . . From ancient Egyptian writings we know that religion was very important in their society. The pharaoh performed rituals to the gods so that the world would be in harmony and to assure bountiful crops. These official state ceremonies were performed in temples throughout Egypt, but most Egyptians did not participate. Religion everyday . . . Popular religion took other forms. People used magical charms or amulets to ward off danger. They also worshipped popular gods and goddesses to help them with life events such as childbirth. There are many versions of the stories about Egyptian gods and goddesses. Here's a myth which tells a story related to creation and will introduce you to many gods. Read the story to find out more.