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cobra, falcon, baboon, mouse, beetle, crocodile, cat, ibis, fish, vulture

Archaeologist's Challenge:

The corridor is 85 meters long.

There are 4,000 bricks around the base of the pyramid.

Place one piece from bag one, two pieces from bag two, three pieces from bag three...on the scale. If the resulting weight is 21.1, the real gold was in bag one. If the weight is 21.2 it was in bag two. 21.3 would be bag three, 21.4 would be bag four, 21.5 would be bag five, and 21.6 would be bag six.

Nephat is the Pharaoh, Akham is the high priest, and Samhut is the scribe.

Irrigation Nation:

It takes 10,000 liters of water to irrigate the field. If the saduf holds 20 liters the shaduf has to be worked 500 times.

Crossword Clues:


2. sphinx

3. pyramid

5. Cleopatra

7. papyrus

8. shaduf

9. deshret

10. tomb

11. mummy

15. Nile

16. Carter

18. Egypt

19. tablet

20. Giza


1. Thebes

2. sarcophagus

3. pharaoh

4. oasis

6. Rosetta

12. Montu

13. Memphis

14. kemet

16. cobra

17. Sobek

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