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Stop! Read this first.

This mummy has been in the Michael C. Carlos Museum since 1921, and for a long time people had wondered what was inside! In 1995, the Museum asked the Emory University Hospital to examine the mummy with their CT Scan machine.

Their analysis revealed . . . that it was the corpse of a middle-aged man who died of natural causes. We don't know his name.

Egypt, Probably Late Ptolemaic Period, ca. 167 - 30 BC

"Wrapped Mummy with Cartonnage Trappings"
Human remains, linen, cartonnage, paint, and gilt, 67 x 17-1/4 x 10 inches
Funded by John A. Manget, 1921.6
Collection of the Michael C. Carlos Museum

Next! Your instructions.
Below on the left is a CT Scan of a section of the Carlos mummy. On the right we have highlighted four sections of the mummy with yellow bars. Which section does the CT Scan illustrate? Check your answer by clicking on that highlighted section of the mummy.

Now! Do it.

Wait! One final thought. You've seen how CT Scan technology gave us the "inside story" on the Carlos Museum mummy.

You're now ready to move on to another area of discovery!