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Most objects that we use everyday become worn and fall apart. Do you think that your sneakers, back packs, or dishes will last 3000 years? Because the ancient Egyptians included objects that they needed everyday and scenes of daily life in their tombs, we can get an idea of how they lived.

Here are a few observations based on what they left behind . . .

Where did they live? . . . Most Egyptians built their homes out of mud bricks made from the mud along the Nile River mixed with straw and pebbles. Wealthy homes were decorated with wall paintings on the inside. Furnishings were simple -- stools for seating, chests to store things. They slept on wooden beds and used headrests instead of pillows

What did they wear? . . . Linen woven from the flax plant was the most common fabric for clothing. Men usually wore a simple kilt tied at the waist, and women wore sheath dresses.

Egyptian clothes were often decorated with pleats as we see in this carving of a court official on the left. Notice that he is also wearing a wig, which would have been made from human hair. Egyptians usually kept their own hair short or their heads shaved. . . . Both men and women also wore make-up. Palettes, like the one on the right, were used to grind mineral pigments for make-up.

The ground powder was probably mixed with animal fat and then applied to the face. Black and green eye make-up were especially popular. . . . And finally, they decorated themselves with jewelry -- necklaces, earrings, armlets, bracelets, anklets, and rings.