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Egyptomania Quiz

1-What happens to an archeologist when faced with a mummy's curse?

1-Cleans up his room.

2-Dies immediately.

3-Suffers a slow, painful death.


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2- In 1923 Lord Carnarvon financed the excavation of King Tut's burialchamber. He died soon after it was opened. How did he die?

1-He died in a secret passage.

2-He died from a mosquito bite.

3-He was executed by Egyptian officials for opening thechamber.

4-He was killed by grave robbers.

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3-All the royal mummies, except King Tut, can be found:

1-In the Egyptian Museum.

2-At a royal PTA meeting.

3-In the Louvre.

4-Nowhere - they were stolen by treasure seekers.

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4- .How long did it take Jean-Francois Champollion to translate the RosettaStone?

1-14 years.

2-40 years.

3-4 years.

4-Forever, he never completed it.

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5- How long did the hieroglyphs go undeciphered?

1- 1,400 years.

2- 400 years.

3- 1,000 years.

4- 500 years.

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6- The Rosetta Stone has three scripts written upon it - hieroglyphic, demotic, and what other?

1- Latin.

2- Pig Latin.

3- Greek.

4- Hebrew.

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7- Egyptians believed each god could incarnate himself or herself as:

1-The sun.

2-An animal.


4-The next Pharaoh.

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8- Actor Boris Karloff had modeled his costume in his famous movie 'TheMummy' on which King?

1-Ramses III.




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9- The process of mummification involved cleaning the body. The organs and intestines had to be removed before the body could be preserved. Using one method, the brain was removed:

1-Through the eye sockets

2-Through the nose

3-Never removed

4-Through the base of the skull

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10- The Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) covers how many acres?

1- 31 acres.

2- 5 acres.

3- 13 acres.

4- 51 acres.

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1- Nothing. The mummy's curse is an invention of the media andentertainment industry.

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2- He died from a mosquito bite, yet years afterward the death of anyone connected with the tomb was attributed to supernaturalcauses.

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3- They are in the Egyptian Museum. King Tut remains in his tomb.

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4- 14 years. Champollion started when he was 18.

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5- 1,400 years. The Rosetta Stone was found in 1799 and allowed thehieroglyphs to be understood.

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6- Greek. The Greek inscription provided the key to deciphering ancient hieroglyphs.

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7- An animal. The Egyptians believed that each god could incarnatehimself as an animal and these animals - dogs, cats, crocodiles werevenerated during life.

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8- Ramses III. Karloff worked to get the wrappings on his costume to lookjust like the pictures of the dead king.

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9- Through the nose. Using one method, the brain was removedthrough the nose with an iron hook and the other organs and theintestines were taken out through a cut made in the side of the body.

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10- 13 acres. Napoleon claimed if you took all the stones from thisPyramid, you could build a wall 10 feet high and 1 foot thick aroundFrance.

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