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The people of Egypt are a very steadfast culture, with the ancient Egyptians dating back several thousand years B.C. Family and religion are two important societal values that make Egyptians who they are today.


Large families are important to many Egyptians, especially for those who live outside of the major cities. The father is the head of the house, and sons respect and answer to their fathers. The women follow the men, and once married move to their husband's house. A typical family may consist of a father and mother, their married sons and wives, their unmarried sons, and any unmarried daughters.



Egypt's constitution grants freedom of religion, and there are many religions being practiced in Egypt today. Islam is the main religion, about 90% of Egyptians are Muslim. The Christians are part of the Coptic Church, and make up about 8% of the population. In the recent past, there have been some relgious riots in the urban areas such as Cairo, leaving both Muslims and Christians pitted against each other, churches burned, and people hurt and killed. Completing the religious minority in Egypt are Protestants and Jews, together claiming about 2% of the population.

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