The Pharaonic Village - Services

The Pharaonic Village: Services

The Pharaonic Village offers a number of services designed to make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable. After all, you will be our guests, and ancient Egypt, just like today, was noted for its hospitality.

Souvenir and Gift Shops

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Magnificent Treasures await You in our Gift and Souvenir Shops

Several souvenir and gift shops are located in the Pharaonic Village where patrons may purchase mementos of their visit, many of which are hand-made in the Village by the same expert artisans who crafted many of the attractions you see on your tour. From jewelry to beautiful papyrus paintings to replicas of King Tutankhamen's treasures, our shops bring ancient Egypt to the modern world and put it in your hands.

Restaurants and Cafeterias

Enjoy Delicious Egyptian and European Fare at our Restaurant and Cafeterias

Hungry? We have a number of cafeterias that offer quick service of food and soft drinks located throughout the village. Or if something a little more regal is to your taste, try our King Tut Restaurant, located on the grounds of the Pharaonic Village. Our friendly staff wearing ancient Egyptian clothing will serve you delicious dishes just like those prepared for the Pharaoh thousands of years ago! This is the only restaurant in Cairo that serves ancient Egyptian food. And though the meals are fit for a king, it won't cost you a king's ransom. King Tut is open for lunch and dinner, and when you go, mention that you found out about us through the Internet and receive 10% off your meal!

Children's Garden

The Pharaonic Village possesses one of the largest children's gardens that exists in Egypt. The cool shade from the surrounding trees makes this playground a favorite relaxation and recreation spot, both for children and adults visiting the Village.

Nefertari Yacht Cruises

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The Yacht Nefertari Embarks on Another Spellbinding Tour

Take a tour down the Nile on the Yacht Nefertari. Discover modern Cairo from the water with a guide who will tell you the most recent history of this ancient land. Tours are a little over an hour and are $6.00 per person. Tours leave for the Pharaonic Village several times a day and night cruises are available as well. Meals and snacks can be purchased on the yacht. For more information or to reserve seats, call 011-202-571-8676. Mention that you found us on the Internet and receive 10% off the ticket price!


Try Your Hand at Sailing Down the Canals of the Village

Those who like river sports, or simply a quiet afternoon on the water can rent rowboats, canoes, and paddleboats which they can sail on the shady and restful canals of the Village.

Papyrus Museum

The Ragab Papyrus Museum

An optional additional tour will take you to the famed Ragab Papyrus Museum, the largest floating museum in the world and one of the Seven Wonders of Modern Egypt, to see at first hand the ancient Egyptian art of papyrus paper making. This tour is provided at no extra cost.

Museum of Islamic History

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The Museum of Islamic History provides visitors with a comprehensive look at the world of Islam. You will be

educated about this forgotten civilization; everything from great military leaders and philosophers to beautiful arts and crafts.

Ancient Egyptian Wedding

For couples who are interested in a unique and romantic wedding...come to the Pharaonic Village for a Pharaonic Wedding. This comes with all the costumes, a float on the Nile, an Egyptian temple - and a Papyrus Wedding Certificate.Prices start at $350.00. For more information or to schedule call 011-202-5722-533 and ask to speak to Mona Ibrahim.

Films and Documentaries

With its attention to detail and accuracy depicting all aspects of ancient Egypt, the Pharaonic Village is the perfect site for filming documentaries, cinema, and television programs. For more information, click here to visit our film page.