The Pharaonic Village - Making Film and Documentaries using the Pharaonic Village

The Pharaonic Village: Filming

Making Films and Documentaries using the Pharaonic Village by Dr. Ahmed Ragab

The Pharaonic Village is a Williamsburg-type village located on Jacob Island on the Nile, just three miles south of the center of Cairo. In this "Village," ancient Egyptian life is depicted exactly as it existed five thousand years ago. The scenes that are shown include: agriculture, boat building, fishing, house building, sculpting, perfume making, papyrus making, and wine and beer making. It contains a replica of a temple with the many gods worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, two replicas of how the pyramids were built, a replica of the Sphinx and how it was carved, a replica of the Sun Boat, and the boats that carried the obelisks. Also included are a nobleman's house and a peasant's house.

In addition, the village contains a replica of King Tut's Tomb with all its treasures - exactly as Howard Carter discovered it in 1922.

Pharaonic costumes and actors are available for hire for any filming project.

Additionally, the village also contains a Ptolemaic Museum (from Alexander to Cleopatra), and an Islamic Museum. The art pieces of these museums can be used for various film projects.