Weather in Egypt in February

Weather in Egypt in February

February is a major month for tourism in Egypt for a couple of different reasons, the first being the weather. The weather in February is wonderful, as its a pretty dry month, with rainfall only happening maybe once, if at all. Temperatures range from 67F (19.2C) in Alexandria to 79F (26.1C) in Aswan. This means that overall the temperatures are comfortable, making the second tourism boost this month even more perfect. February is one of two months when the Abu Simbel Sun Festival takes place. On February 22nd, traditionally believed to be the birthday of Ramses II, the sun is in such a position that it aligns with specific openings to illuminate the statues of Ramses II and the sun gods, always leaving the statue of the god Ptah (the god of darkness) in the dark. Since Abu Simbel is in the far south, past Aswan, it is ideal that this event should take place in one of Egypts cooler months because this spectacular event will no doubt be attended by so many that youll likely not feel cold at all!

Last Updated: September 26th, 2011

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