The Virtual Egypt Fair at Tour Egypt

The Virtual Egypt Fair

To encourage people to use the new chat system, we are hosting the first monthly Virtual Egyptian Fair. It will be held here in the BBS on Saturday April 29, 2000 at 10 AM Eastern Time in the US. We hope this allows a wide audience both in Egypt, the Americas and Europe to participate.

While the Conference System on Tour Egypt is always open, the Egypt Fair is an attempt to announce a specific time when many members will be on-line to chat, and for tourism industry personnel to be available to answer questions in real time. We will be announcing the fair in our upcoming newsletters.

We will also be advertising the fair on Tour Egypt and through other means. We hope for a sizable audience. The fair is expected to last for about two hours, but unofficially people may visit as long as they like.

Both our messaging and chat will be part of the fair. However, we expect the chat to be where most of the action is. We will have chat rooms available for general topics, as well as chat rooms staffed by tour industry personnel. People need not visit the industry chat rooms to participate in the fair. In fact, we hope to make it a great experience where people meet, run into old friends, talk about their adventures in Egypt and generally have a good time.

But for those who are planning on traveling to Egypt it will also be a great time to ask the professionals questions one on one.

We are also trying to lure some special guests. We will certainly have maybe one or two Egyptologists, and we are attempting to secure a few well known ones, as well as other travel officials and perhaps even a few "Mysterious Egypt" types. Hope you enjoy.

To participate in the fair, simply go to our BBS section or Tour Egypt, or alternatively you may log in at The BBS requires a very short registration to post messages. None of this information is ever sold, provided to others in any way, or used by Tour Egypt for promotional purposes. There is a simple tutorial for using the system located here.