Egyptian/Egyptology Antiquities Info presented by Tour Egypt

History of Egypt
This may very well be the best historical reference on Egypt's Pharaonic history anywhere.

Monuments in Egypt
We have documented many of the ancient monuments of Egypt.

Rulers of Ancient Egypt
The kings and pharaohs of ancient Egypt were a charismatic lot, and were responsible for shaping civilization as we know it.

Who's Who of Egypt
We have all heard of rulers such as Rameses the Great, but what about the other important people of Egypt?

Egyptian Mythology
The ancient Egyptian religion was much more to the world than most people realize.

Egyptian Virtual Museum
We have created an Egyptian virtual museum where you can take a tour of important Egyptian relics around the world.

Egyptian Glossary of Terms
Over Egypt's past, many terms from many origins have come into use. In order to understand the Egyptian past, we have included a glossary of terms. Historical Special Editions

The Construction of the Egyptian Pyramids
Ever wonder how the Egyptian pyramids were built?

A History of Christianity in Egypt
Learn how Egypt proved to be fertile ground for this young religion.

Historical Astrology In Egypt
Find out how Egypt provided the basis for modern Astrology.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead
We have a complete Egyptian Book of the Dead on line. Check it out.