The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Two Vessels

Two Vessels

Two Vessels

Identity: Unknown
Material: Diorite, Pink Limestone
Period: Prehistoric
Reign: Unknown


Vessel in the form of an antelope:

Height: 8.5 cm
Length: 14 cm
Width: 5 cm


Height: 9.5 cm
Width (with handles): 10 cm

These two vessels are good illustrations of the degree to which the Egyptian craftsman mastered handling and polishing light and hard stone ware. The antelope vessel is particularly interesting, because it retains the antelope shape despite its deformities i.e. the rounded belly, the shortened legs and the stylized horn. The diorite vase is more classical in shape with two lug handles and it is polished on the exterior. The insistence on such sophisticated ware reflects the Egyptian's appreciation of luxury items.

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