The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Colossal Statue of Tutankhamon



Identity: Tutankhamon, King
Material: Painted Quartzite
Period: New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty
Reign: Tutankhamon

Height: 285 cm
Width: 73 cm
Thickness: 87 cm

This statue represents Tutankhamon standing in the classic Egyptian pose and wearing the double crown, of which only the lower part remains over a nemes striped in blue and yellow. He also wears a ceremonial beard, a broad collar and a shendjyt kilt. A dagger with a falcon-headed handle appears under his belt. Colors are used here to enhance the youthful, and serene features of the king. The statue was mutilated and its facial features were altered when it was re-used by Tutankhamon's successors, Ay and Horemheb.

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