The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Hathor and Psammetik



Identity: Psammetik, a High Official
Material: Schist
Period: Late, 26th Dynasty
Reign: Unknown

Height: 96 cm
Width: 29 cm
Length: 104 cm

This statue places Psammetik under the protection of Hathor the cow goddess of joy and life. The stylized figure of Psammetik, inserted between the goddess' head and the base of the statue is admirably integrated into the entire composition. He wears a big wig falling behind his ears. The seal hanging from his breast is the insignia of his profession. His kilt with a starched frontal section, is inscribed with his names and titles. On the top of Hathor's head is the characteristic crown composed of the disk, two feathers and a uraeus between her two horns. She has exceptional anatomical details and the whole statue is perfectly polished.

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