The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Diadem of Sat-Hathor-Yunet



Identity: Sat-Hathor-Yunet, Daughter of Senusert II
Material: Gold, Green Faience, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli
Period: Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty
Reign: Amenemhat III

Height: ca. 44 cm
Width: 19.2 cm

This type of diadem was usually fitted on a wig with long braids, each one of which was clasped in little gold rings. The diadem takes the form of a large flat band of solid gold, ornamented with a uraeus and rosettes. Both the gold cloisonn rosettes and the uraeus are ornamented with lapis lazuli, carnelian and green faience. The uraeus head is of lapis lazuli, while its eyes are of garnet set in gold rims.

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