The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Barque Upon a Chariot



Identity: Ahhotep, Queen
Material: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Wood
Period: New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty
Reign: Ahmose

Length: 43.3 cm
Width: 6.5 cm
Weigh: 375 g

The introduction of the use of chariots as a mode of transportation is generally ascribed to the period of the Hyksos domination over Egypt. The barque however, was the most common mode of transportation from the earliest times. This graceful gold hull carries three principal figures worked in gold. One at the prow, one in the middle holding the baton of authority, and the helmsman. The three figures are larger in size than the silver team of twelve seated rowers. The chariot itself consists of a piece of wood fixed onto a chassis with bronze wheels.

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