The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - The Golden Coffin of Tutankhamon



Identity: Tutankhamon, King
Material: Gold, Glass, Semi-precious stones
Period: New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty
Reign: Tutankhamon

Length: 187.5 cm
Weight: 110.4 kg

Tutankhamon's hammered gold coffin is covered with incised decorations inside and out. Its shape is that of a mummiform Osiris figure, holding the sacred insignia, the sceptre and the flail. The whole coffin is very richly ornamented in terms of iconography, materials and colors. The two protecting goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt, both holding in their claws the symbol "shen", embrace the king's torso with their extended wings whose feathers are represented in cloisonn inlaid with multicolored stones. Below them, the goddesses Isis and Nephthys recite protective formulae which are inscribed on the double column of hieroglyphs running down the middle of the coffin. Another inscription encircles it. Isis is again reproduced kneeling with her wings outspread, beneath the king's feet. The whole body of the coffin is adorned with a network of admirably engraved bird's feathers.

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