The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Ka Statue of Tutankhamon


Ka Statue of Tutankhamon

Identity: Tutankhamon, King
Material: Bronze, Gilded Wood
Period: New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty
Reign: Tutankhamon

Height: 192 cm
Width: 53.5 cm
Length: 98 cm

This magnificent royal statue is one of two statues which stood before the doorway of Tutankhamon's burial chamber as "guardians". They are almost identical except for the headdress. This one wears the "Khat" headdress with a pectoral, broad collar, armlets and bracelets, sandals and pleated kilt. An inscription identifies the statue as the Ka of Tutankhamon. The two statues are stylistically influenced by the Amarna style as is apparent in their bulging abdomens, relatively slim legs and pierced ears. The black color of the flesh is not intended to frighten the intruders, but to evoke fertility of the black land and the potentials of resurrection and life.

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