The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Jewellery of Sat-Hathor



Identity: Sat-Hathor, Daughter of Senusert II
Material: Gold, Feldspar, Carnelian,Lapis, and Lazuli
Period: Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty
Reign: Senusert III

Height: 4.9 cm
Width: 5.6 cm
Length: 70 cm

This openwork pectoral, is hung from a chain of stones and gold beads. Its form is inspired by architecture crowned with a cavetto cornice. On either side of the prenomen of Senusert II, two falcons portraying the god Horus are perched upon the sign for gold. The king is also an incarnation of this god, hence the two birds wear the double crown and are flanked by the sun disk with a uraeus holding an "ankh" (life sign). The reverse of this pendent is in gold leaf. The belt alternates between gold cowrie shells and a double row of "acacia seed" stone beads. It is short because of the lost cowries.

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